Sinebrychoff Art Museum

Through its research and exhibition activities, the Sinebrychoff Art Museum works towards increasing both the impact of old European art in Finland and awareness of the collections of old European art in Finland, also internationally. The museum’s collections activities focus on the research and conservation of its own collections.

Preserving the legacy of old European art and the house museum of Paul and Fanny Sinebrychoff requires special resources. During the year under review a conservation and research project was initiated for the objects in the house museum. The project was outsourced and funded with support from the company Sinebrychoff Oyj. One of the gems of the museum’s decorative arts collection, a desk designed by Gustaf Adolf Ditzinger (1760-1800), was restored, and all the crystal chandeliers in the house museum were serviced and cleaned.

Kirsi Eskelinen, PhD, began as Museum Director and Ira Westergård, PhD, as Chief Curator in 2014.

The Sinebrychoff Art Museum’s workshops were attended by schools, as well as by five-year-olds from daycare centres and preschoolers. As in previous years, the museum also continued to offer numerous senior citizen activities that were popular and well attended. The museum’s website was also fully updated with new content and a fresh appearance.

Altogether in 2014 the Sinebrychoff Art Museum attracted 28,066 visitors, and its workshops were attended by 1,705 participants, including both adults and children. The Sinebrychoff Art Museum also attracted 72 media hits in print media. At the end of the year the Sinebrychoff Art Museum had almost 3,000 followers on Facebook.