Collection Management Department

The Collection Management Department began operations at the beginning of 2014 as part of the Finnish National Gallery’s new organisation. The Collection Management Department’s units are responsible for maintaining and managing the collection of the Finnish National Gallery. The department’s units also participate in the implementation of exhibitions at all of the Finnish National Gallery’s museums.

The Finnish National Gallery’s registrars help organise the loaning of art to other museums and coordinate their transport. They are also responsible for inspecting the condition of these artworks and ensuring the appropriate conditions for them. Technicians are responsible for setting up exhibitions, building exhibition structures, lighting exhibitions and setting up audiovisual material. Photographers are responsible for photographing works of art in the collections and digitalising the collections, as well as providing a wide range of other photography services for the museums using both photographic and video technologies.

The Collection Management Department is also responsible for overseeing the cataloguing of the State Art Collection, which includes many different types of objects: from centuries-old paintings and historical documents to contemporary art and photographs.

The Collection Management Department works together with the Finnish State Art Commission, which acquire works of art for Government properties and buildings in Government use, both in Finland and abroad. The Finnish State Art Commission publishes its own annual report that describes its activities and acquisitions in 2014.